Recreation and sports activities

Recreation and sports activities

  • Biliards

    6€ / hour

  • Croquet

    30€ / hod

  • Petanque

    6€ / for rent

  • Darts


  • Board games


  • Table football

    0,50 € / game

  • Adventure golf

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  • Table tennis


Adventure golf

Adventure Golf came to us from North America, where it remains a favourite recreational and professional sport. It’s essentially like ordinary golf, but set in a smaller area. Adventure Golf is played on an artificial grass putting surface with putters or mini golf clubs and a golf ball.


Pétanque is a very simple game that originates in France. But you won’t have to travel far to give this game a try. Just stop by at Zochova Chata! Players are divided into 1-3 teams. First, one player throws a small wooden ball onto the playing board. Next, the players distribute the steel balls evenly and throw them one by one. The object of the game is simple: the one whose steel ball gets the closest to the wooden one wins.

Outdoor chess

Chess is a two-player strategy game in which the outcome is determined by the tactical and strategic abilities of the players and their ability to pay attention and concentrate. The object of the game is to checkmate your opponent. It is, in its own way, an art form, science and sport. Chess develops logical thinking skills and helps boost your memory.

And many other recreational activities

We have a wide variety of events for you that you’ll never experience anywhere else. Have a look at all that Hotel Zochova Chata has to offer, as well as its immediate surroundings and fairy-tale-like nature setting.

Outdoor sports

The large grassy area can be used for football, volleyball or badminton; we can also lend you the necessary sports equipment. Fans of less traditional sports will surely be pleased with the possibilities of rock-climbing and croquet.

Active rest in winter

When the windows are covered with frost and the thermometer shows a minus all day long, it is the ideal time to visit the nearby Pezinská Baba and enjoy some winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Or in the case of bad weather, you can choose to play table tennis in the gym of the Hotel.Beginners and children can also take advantage of the ski slopes just next to the Hotel, open during the winter season from 9 am till 4 pm. There are two pistes, each 300m long, which can also be covered with artificial snow and are regularly groomed by a snowcat.For more advanced skiers and snowboarders we would recommend the nearby ski resort of Pezinská Baba.

Rock-climbing in the Little Carpathians

In the surroundings of Zochova chata, there are 11 rock formations attractive for rock-climbing in an area of approximately 25 km2. These rocks are mostly composed of quartzite of various colours and quality. The most popular locality is called Čertove zuby (the Devil´s Teeth). The rocks here reach a height of 25 m and their level of difficulty ranges between II to VIII. We can provide you with the necessary equipment and a guide. Beginners can also try the artificial climbing walls in Modra or Chalet Kukla.