Jewel in the Forest

Jewel in the Forest

In 2011 we were awarded the title of “The Construction of the Year”, mainly for the symbiosis of the architecture with its surroundings.
Let us show you the details of our complex that will allow you to perceive the beauties of Hotel Zochova chata premises.

Natural elements

Our hotel is situated in the beautiful nature of the Little Carpathians, in a dense beech forest ‒ which is also reflected in the elements of the exterior decoration. Details made of wood, lots of glass and big windows will give you the opportunity to become completely absorbed by the peace of the surrounding nature.
We built on our history. In 1932, the original chalet of Zochova chata had the character of a log cabin. This part has been turned into a restaurant today, and served as an inspiration for the rest of the building, which is mainly constructed of wood, copper and glass.

Artistic elements

To impress all the senses of our guests, Hotel Zochova chata has been constructed in line with Feng Shui guidelines. Each object has its precise place and orientation.

Wellness and water ecology

Behind a small pond and a big glass wall you will find a popular place for relaxation. To enter this stylish wellness and spa complex, you have walk “through the forest” ‒ a special corridor with foot massage, decorated with barkless trees preserved by beeswax.