Zochova Chata is located in Modra-Piesok in the winegrowing, protected landscape area of the Little Carpathians.

The hotel can be found in a thick beech forest just 34 km away from Bratislava.

Hiking routes

Veľká Homola

Veľká Homola is considered one of the most popular and most visited places around Little Carpathians. The undemanding walking trail marked with red signs will lead you through beautiful nature. Along the way, you will also find the Comenius University Observatory, which serves as a research institute.

Rozhľadňa Kukla

If you want to enjoy an unforgettable view of Červenýkameň castle and beautiful nature, you must visit the Rozhľadňa Kukla. The road leads from Zochova chata along the yellow trail, where you will smoothly go to the blue trail, at the end of which is 12m high tower.

To Čermák and Skalnatá

There is nothing better than enjoying a picnic in the countryside with the magnificent views of the Little Carpathians in the background. Hike to Skalnatá is the right choice. On the road marked with a yellow sign, you pass through Čermák meadow where you can enjoy gazebos and swings. After enjoying this gem, you can continue your journey to the nearest signpost, and following the red signs, you will reach the hill Skalnatá, where you can rest and be amazed by a view with beautiful scenery of the surrounding nature.


For more demanding tourists we recommend hiking to Vysoká – the second highest peak of the Small Carpathians is one of the most beautiful mountains in this area. While enjoying your hike, you will have to overcome lighter but also some more challenging parts that will check your fitness skills. You can choose from two routes – a circuit where you return to the same place, or a way that will lead you to the opposite side of the rocky hills. The first route is a little bit above 14km, and it takes around 4hours.

Ironic is that even if the first option may look longer overall, it is shorter than the second option. This route leads to a village called Kuchyňa, and although it is shorter, it is more difficult for fitness. A circuit at which you turn under Vysoká and use the unmarked route to return is approximately by hour longer, but on the other hand, you will avoid one decent uphill. 


Zámčisko is a picturesque place above Modra near Harmónia. In addition to the view of Modra, Pezinok, and Danubian Hills, it also has a historical and archaeological value. You can get to Zámčisko from Harmonia by taking the blue tourist marked paths or from Mordra following the blue signs and later the yellow ones. If you decide to start from Zochova chata, you need to follow the red signs and then change to the blue marked tourist signs.

Bicycle paths

Small Carpathian challenge

Accept the sporting challenge and sweep through the ridge of the Little Carpathians all way to Záhorie. The route runs almost the entire length along the paved road. The only exception is a short section leading to the Čermak meadow. The circuit starts and ends in Modra. The route has a total of 39 km and is suitable for trekking bikes.

By bike up to Red stone

This undemanding cycle route will take you from Zochova chata to the beautiful Red stone castle above the village Častá. Route Zochova chata – Three hills – Kukla – Píla – Red stone – Píla – Papiernička – Vyvieračka – Komárka – Zochova chata measures less than 12km.

Cyklotúra z Harmónie až k miestu postrelenia Ľudovíta Štúra

Cyklotrasa vedie po žltej značke z Harmónie až k miestu kde bol postrelený Ľudovít Štúr. Trasa meria celkovo 9 km. Na mieste kde sa nešťastne smrteľne zranil Ľudovít štúr dnes stojí pamätná tabuľa pripomínajúca túto tragickú udalosť. Nachádza sa v Tŕlinskom chotári pri meste Modra.

Car trips

Červený kameň Castle

Red Stone Castle is, for sure, one of the most popular tourist places. This beautiful castle is located in Slovakia on the south-eastern slope of the Little Carpathians, not far from Modra above Častá, less than 14 km by car from Hotel Zochova chata.

Zoya Museum

This unique museum is located in the picturesque wine region at the foot of the Little Carpathians near Bratislava. It is part of a newly built modern wine complex – Elesko Wine Park. By car, it is less than 7 km from Zochová chata.

Museum of Ceramics

Preserve a beautiful piece of the history of the production of Modran ceramics and tastefully incorporate it into a hotel. You can also see all this in the Majolika Museum, located less than 8 km by car from Hotel Zochová chata.

Ignác Bizmayer Gallery and Museum of Slovak Ceramic Sculpture

The Museum of Slovak Ceramic Sculpture in Modra represents a permanent space for the presentation of the unique craft tradition of Slovakia. It lies in a picturesque enclosed nook close to the walls of the 17th-century city fortifications. It connects with the courtyard part to the northern bastion, which houses the Ignác Bizmayer Gallery. This gallery is less than 8 km by car from Hotel Zochova chata.

Smolenice castle

Another beautiful Slovak attraction is Smolenice Castle, which lies above the village Smolenice. It is the property of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, and only certain parts (gardens, courtyards, reserved rooms) are open to the public. This chateau is less than 30 km away from the Hotel Zochova chata.

Cave Driny

Cave Driny is a cave in the Little Carpathians. It lies less than 2 km southwest from Smolenice. The underground spaces are not large, but they have lovelysinter decoration. You can enjoy beautiful colors, stalagmites, and typical jagged curtains. Small lakes and sinter waterfalls are also included, and at the bottom of the ancient underground lakes is pea-like decoration. The most exciting premises include the Hall of Collaborators and the Hall of the Slovak Speleological Society. Driny Cave is less than 30 km by car from Hotel Zochova chata.

Nature Reserve Vysoká

Vysoká is an 80.5ha large nature reserve, located in the mountains of the Little Carpathians. It situates in the cadastral area of ​​the municipalities of Kuchyňa and Rohožník. There are a diverse terrain and quite a high-altitude division, whichraised a variety of plant and animal species, from which many are protected.  This nature reserve is 21 km by car from the Hotel Zochova chata.

Ľudovít Štúr Museum

The Ľudovít Štúr Museum is located in Modra, in the so-called Emreszovský house. It is part of the Slovak National Residence. There is the leading exposition of Ľudovít Štúr – from studies to deeds, which presents a cross-section of the life and work of Ľudovít Štúr, set in specific historical contexts. This museum is less than 7 km by car from Hotel Zochova chata.

Address and contact details

Hotel Zochova chata****
Piesok 4015/B7
900 01 Modra
GPS: 48° 22′ 54″ N, 17° 16′ 38″ E


Tel: +421 33 2633 300
E-mail: recepcia@hzch.sk

Time of arrival/ departure

Arrival from 14:00
Earlier check-in from 11:00*
Late check- out until 15:00 or until 17:00*

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