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Tibet in the Carpathians?

Hotel Zochova chata offers the perfect relaxation in an intimate environment.
11.11.2013 / Trend weekly


Already in the 1930's there used to be a famous restaurant here. Today, the former tourist chalet is part of the big and modern hotel Zochova chata, where the ground floor serves as a restaurant. Since its opening, this place has been known again for its renowned cuisine.
11.11.2013 / Trend weekly

How to roast an ox?

In the Little Carpathians there once lived a man known as the Carpathian Wolf. The bearer of this nickname was the former director of the renowned chalet Zochova chata. During his time, in the socialist era, the chalet was popular among high society and foreign visitors. Then it was decaying for several years, until a recent exacting reconstruction, when it was turned into a four-star hotel. Here they decided to renew a tradition related to another Carpathian creature ‒ the roasted ox, which was started here many years ago.
06.02.2013 / Trend weekly

Zochova chata celebrates 80 years

Probably all the inhabitants of Bratislava of a certain age remember the popular chalet of Zochova chata in Modra, not far from the Harmónia district. In the times of the legendary director Ivčič it used to be a venue of great barbecue parties, and cheerful guests used to dance here to the tunes of gypsy violins till the early morning.
11.11.2013 / ŽIVOT weekly.

Booking hodnotenie: 10

I liked the kind stuff that was always helpful - they gave us all information needed about activities, facilities. We liked the position where the hotel is situated, nature and atmosphere. And we really liked your spa - it´s modern, well-equipped with all type of saunas and swimming pool.
Jana, Couple, Switzerland, April 19, 2016

Booking hodnotenie: 10

Everything. The staff was awesome, helpful and always smiley. We were amazed by hospitality. Rooms beatiful and clean. Spa just perfect.
Rudolf, Couple, Slovakia, January 10, 2016

Booking hodnotenie: 10

Modern hotel in beautiful surroundings. Lovely staff, speaking very good English. Nice, clean wellness and spa. Lovely room with nice view.
Zuzana, Couple, United Kingdom, January 1, 2016

Booking score: 9.6

Beautiful surroundings, wellness, one of the best hotels we've experienced and functions up until ten o'clock in the evening. Rooms are very nicely designed, large windows and beautiful views. And there are also several sports opportunities. A great place if one wants to relax in a quiet and beautiful place.
Katarína, Couple, Slovakia, April 23, 2014

Booking score: 10

Beauty! We visit the Zochova chata together with my husband regularly on long weekends - nice hotel, beautiful nature, amazing wellness and a fantastic kitchen (the same applies to Koliba opposite the hotel).

Kato, Couple, Slovakia, April 23, 2014